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Spain - Experts advise cutting kaki trees that are not treated against pests

Technicians from the Alzira-based cooperative Alzicoop have announced that they will soon start treating their kaki trees against the Mycosphaerella nawae fungus, which causes circular leaf spot, which has already caused damage to some crops and prevents the harvesting of the fruit.

For this reason, experts advise cutting those trees that are not treated with fungicides to reduce the chance of the pest spreading.

Fear of entering a loop

Technicians fear that the product has lost a good part of its profitability in the market, so producers have increasingly fewer resources to reinvest in their plots. “Given the poor economic results that are being achieved by kaki producers, many plots are expected to be left untreated against pests and diseases,” said the experts from the cooperative in Almería.

If some crops are not treated, the fungus will spread very easily. In the plots where phytosanitary problems are detected, the fruit will not be harvested, which “will boost the presence of pests and diseases in properly cultivated plots,” say the agricultural technicians. Therefore, they advocate cutting down the trees instead of leaving them untreated “for the good of the producers who will continue with the activity,” they say.

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