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Spain - Frosts cause damage in specific areas of Valencia

The frosts recorded in some areas of the Region of Valencia have so far caused some damages to crops like artichokes and citrus fruits, especially in cold areas of the counties of Camp de Turia and Canal de Navarrés, in the province of Valencia, and in the Vega Baja, in Alicante.

The Valencian Association of Agricultural Producers (AVA-Asaja) reports that it is only aware of these damages and that it doesn’t seem a widespread or alarming problem. It also believes that we should wait and see how things develop in the coming days before making a more accurate assessment.

For now, AVA is aware of damages to artichokes in Camp de Turia and to citrus fruits in this county, in the Pedralba area, and in Canal de Navarrés (Xàtiva and Canals).

In the Vega Baja, there has been widespread, but not very intense damage to artichokes, beans and potatoes due to minimum temperatures that have dropped to -2 degrees Celsius, as explained by the secretary of La Unió in this region, José Manuel Pamies.

In the case of artichokes, too much cold burns the leaves, making the product unsuitable for marketing at a time when the prices and quality of this vegetable were starting to rebound. In the case of beans, the cold blackens the grains. As for potatoes, the low temperatures cause the plant to freeze.

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