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Spain - Insurance claims could reach 190 million euros after flooding

The damages that the flooding in Murcia and other parts of southern Spain has caused have not been fully evaluated yet, but attempts are being made to do so. The first estimates issued by the Consortium of Insurance Compensation (CCS) are that 30,000 claimants will be entitled to pay-outs of totalling to about 190 million euros.

The largest claims are like to be made by farmers in the south of the province of Alicante and Murcia. It’s estimated that around 46,000 hectares of land was flooded, leaving crops rotting on the trees or in the ground. The largest amount of crops affected by the floods are oranges and lemons, but artichokes, broccoli and table grapes have also been affected.

Although no official assessment of the damages has been done as of yet, farmers’ unions are speaking of reaching 200 million euros in damages.

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