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Spain - Low supply of cauliflower and broccoli due to falling temperatures

Since a few days ago, temperatures have plummeted in Murcia, causing frosts and the slowdown in the growth of vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower (whose prices are already rising), as well as leafy vegetables.

“Progress in the broccoli and cauliflower harvests is very slow due to the lower temperatures, which have plummeted after several weeks with too high levels. There is a lower supply available in the market and this is causing prices to increase significantly,” said Sebastián Aguilar, commercial director of Campo de Lorca, one of the largest broccoli producing companies in Murcia.

The product shortages are more noticeable in the case of cauliflower than that of broccoli, since the former is more sensitive to temperature changes. Spain is the biggest broccoli producer in the winter months, together with Italy. As for cauliflower, Spain, Italy and France are the main suppliers. “France is also dealing with cauliflower shortages, while the situation in Italy seems to be normal so far,” said Sebastian.

This year is being challenging for Murcia’s agricultural producers when it comes to the weather conditions, as there have been two major storms (in September and December), as well as unusually high temperatures during November and December.

“The floods caused by the DANA did not have a significant impact on the broccoli and cauliflower productions in the area of Campo de Lorca, since they coincided with the time of the planting. However, in Murcia, the production area of Campo de Cartagena was affected. Fortunately, we were able to guarantee the broccoli supply without interruptions. Leafy vegetables were more damaged by the rains and suffered quality issues,” said Sebastán Aguilar.

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