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Spain - More than 40% of vegetables damaged by cold weather in Guadalentin

The agricultural professional organization ASAJA Murcia estimates that the cold has taken a severe toll on the horticultural crops of the Guadalentín Valley, especially in Lorca, Totana, and also in Fuente Álamo. More than 40% of lettuce, artichokes and beans have been lost due to the cold.

As explained by the Secretary General of ASAJA Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, “the cold has caused severe damages to horticultural crops, especially broccoli and artichokes, but also lettuce, in the Campo de Cartagena. The extent of the losses is still being assessed, but more than 35% of the total will be lost in some areas.”

Gálvez Caravaca also pointed out that “we are very concerned about the possibility of citrus fruits being strongly affected, especially lemons, and we hope that no further damage will be recorded.”

“The Technical Services of ASAJA Murcia continue evaluating the losses, which are large from an economic point of view, and which have affected many farmers and municipalities. Undoubtedly, this adverse weather has taken a severe toll on the fruit and vegetable campaign, which was already difficult to begin with,” says Gálvez Caravaca.

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