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Spain - Pears and apples from El Bierzo threatened by climate change

The Spanish county of El Bierzo closed the 2018 season with a recovery of its apple and pear productive potential, but now the sector is once again threatened by the weather.

The temperature swings, with summer heat in February and winter-like rains and frosts in April, are putting the region’s top fruits in serious trouble.

In 2017, growers had already suffered near 100% losses as a result of heavy frosts at the end of April. The sector is thus reliving this “crisis” just two years later, after the cold wave and rainfall recorded at the time of the flowering. In any case, while the losses will be considerable, they hope that the damage won’t reach the extent of two years ago. This, at least, is the forecast of the Association of Agricultural Producers of El Bierzo.

“It is still early and difficult to estimate the actual extent of the damages. We’ll have to wait for a few days, until the fruits affected by the severe frosts start to fall, but it is evident that the crops have been hit,” says Pablo Linares, technical director of the regulatory councils of the Reineta Apple, Conference Pear, Roasted Pepper and Bierzo Chestnut of El Bierzo.

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