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Netherlands - First brown marmorated stink bugs found in Limburg orchard

Unfortunately, the brown marble armor bug seems to become a feature in the south of the Netherlands; this spring, a large number of bugs were caught in the gardens in Limburg. In early June, the Dutch Fruit Growers’ Association reported that bugs had been detected for the first time in an orchard.

Since 2020, more research has been conducted on the invasive brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys). In the fall of 2020, several sightings came in from Dutch growers, especially from the south of the Netherlands. A significant number of bugs were found in backyards in Limburg.

Traps were set in these gardens and nearby fruit growing plots. On a hot afternoon in May, bugs were found in two traps, and some specimens were also found in orchards in early June.

In addition to local hibernation, new bugs arrive in the Netherlands each year, mainly from southern Europe. People who camped with their caravan in northern Italy brought numerous bugs from there to the Netherlands last fall.

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