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Turkey - Greenhouse strawberry growers hit by frost

Snow and frost over the New Year has had devastating effects on strawberry growers in Anamur in Turkey’s Mardin province. Around 70% of greenhouse growers were affected, and the fruit and vegetable wholesale hall commissioner warns that prices could increase €2.45.
As temperatures in the province fell to -2 degrees Celsius, greenhouse growers noticed the damage to their crop, grower Ahmet Seref Gumus explains:
“For 2 days the weather was very cold and according to the news that’s reached us, frost has affected 70% of greenhouse strawberries. The frost has been a blow to our products for export. We are demanding that our debts should at least be cancelled so that we can get out of this difficult situation.”
Due to farmers having to light stoves in their greenhouses to fight off the cold weather, strawberry prices could increase from around €1.20-1.50 to €2.45.
In Bozyazi in the province, banana growers are also lighting their stoves in anticipation of more frost. According to the Anamur Chamber of Commerce and Industry data from 2014, in Anamur 26,600 decares were planted with 128,400 tons of bananas, and 56,000 tons of strawberries were grown on 17,000 decares. In Bozyazi, also in 2014,  8,420 decares produced 50,160 tons of bananas and 6,000 tons of strawberries were grown on 1,500 decares.
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