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UK - Spring snowfall endangers newborn lambs across the UK

Farmers are worried about the effects a spring snowfall and cold weather snap will have on livestock during lambing season.

A cold weather snap bringing snow and ice to parts of the UK this week has raised concerns for farmers trying to protect their newborn lambs from the elements.

Lambing season, which is recognised by many as the start to spring, is a significant event in British farming calendars.

But the wintry weather during this season’s peak has roused worries over the newborns’ ability to survive.

Cumbrian shepherdess Hannah Jackson posted videos to Twitter on Wednesday, showing her trudging through several inches of snow in search of her new lambs.

“It’s like being in a winter wonderland… in April,” she noted. “It’s getting a bit silly now that they’re being born in this weather.”

To combat the adverse conditions, Ms Jackson then dressed the lambs in made-to-measure jackets, while taking weaker newborns into a barn to shelter them from the cold.