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Ukraine - Yield of winter barley of selection can reach 6-7 t/ha

The varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops of Ukrainian selection from institutions of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences demonstrate high yield level and drought resistance, declared the President at the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences (NAAS), Iaroslav Gadzalo.

He noted that in the beginning of the harvesting campaign the average yield of winter barley in southern oblasts of Ukraine totaled 3.88 t/ha.

At the same time, the companies, which use the NAAS varieties and hybrids of barley, plan to receive the grain yield at 6-7 t/ha, despite the current drought conditions. The crop varieties are designed to withstand severe weather conditions and give good yields, said I.Gadzalo.

According to him, the NAAS provides a great number of crop varieties adapted to the climatic conditions of every Ukrainian region. Plant selection breeders have a clear objective to cooperate with agricultural producers and provide the scientific support for increasing of crop production.

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