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USA - Canton peach grower expects major losses to peach crop because of freezing temperatures

Last week’s sub-freezing temperatures took a big bite out of the mountain peach crop. Howard Taylor grows peaches and other fruit at his orchard in Canton. Overnight lows last week dipped to the low 20s.

Taylor said the cold came at the most vulnerable time for his KT’s Orchard and Apiary, where many of the trees were in bloom. The cold severely damaged his crop, and he expects a big loss this year.

“It’d be a couple of days before I can really assess how much damage done. But, from just the look of it, it looks like about 90 percent,” Taylor said.

Taylor said he’ll have a short peach crop this year since some varieties bloom later and survived the cold. He grows other fruits, including apples and berries. He said being diversified and with some insurance help, he’ll be able to get by, but hopes Mother Nature doesn’t bring any more hard freezes this spring.

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