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USA - Flooding causes headache for farmers in Harvey County

Wednesday night, about six inches of rain fell in Harvey County.

It was a downpour that sent farmers in from their fields and may have damaged some crops.

Near Halstead Wednesday, heavy rains and strong winds knocked over trees and flooded streets and fields. It was a downpour unlike anything farmer Rod Miller says he’s seen in more than 20 years.

“Not this much rain in that short amount of time. I don’t think anybody remembers getting that kind of water,” Miller says.

Miller was out in the field working when the rain started falling Wednesday evening. He was forced to leave his tractor sitting in the field.

“Most guys keep running their combine until the rain starts falling,” Miller says. “And it just hit hard and fast. We’ve never seen this kind of water around here.”

Miller was planning to harvest his wheat when the rain started Wednesday. Now, he’ll have to wait until the fields dry out to tell if the wheat is destroyed.

“There’s going to be a lot of areas in the fields that are washed out and will have to be replanted,” he says.

Two miles down Highway 50 from Miller’s property Thursday afternoon, farmer Rod Berger looked over the land his family has depended on for generations.

“I thought it was over, and then it cam from the northwest and really hit us,” he says of Wednesday’s storms.

Hail and strong winds tore the roof off of Berger’s tin shed and blew over a 40-foot oak tree that used to sit in his front yard.

“It was a beautiful oak, we hated to lose it,” Berger says. “Insurance won’t cover that.”

Berger’s farm is small compared to others in the area and the main thing he’s worried about is his corn.

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