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USA - Hot and dry weather takes its toll on crops

The hot dry weather this last week is taking a real toll on crops in the region, especially in the north. Spring wheat has fared the worst now rated only 38-percent good to excellent nationally, down 5-percent from the previous week. North Dakota was up a percent at 32-percent good to excellent. However, South Dakota dropped 29-percent and has only 16-percent of the crop in that category. SDSU Extension Agronomist Jonathan Kleinjan says he’s not sure he’s seen a crop rated this low this early.

He says it’s early enough the spring wheat crop could recover to some degree. So, he’s not sure how much yield loss will occur from this heat stress. It may depend on how long it lasts.

Corn ratings in the region also dropped with North Dakota rated 42-percent good to excellent and South Dakota dropped 21-percent to only 46-percent. Kleinjan says, he’s not as concerned about corn it is a long way from reproductive stage when the majority of the yield will be determined.

Kleinjan says soybeans will just stall and wait for rain, plus yield won’t be set until early August. The first soybean ratings of the season put South Dakota’s crop at 45-percent good to excellent, North Dakota was only 25-percent which is the worst since 2000.

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