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USA - Lee County pecan farmer suffers catastrophic loss of crop

The Pecan farms around Southwest Georgia have suffered catastrophic loss due to high winds from Hurricane Michael.

In Lee County, one pecan farmer estimated that he lost more than 150 pecan trees, which amounts to more than 45,000 pounds of pecans.

Pecan farmer Roy Goodson says he hopes to see his crop insurance come through this week so he can get things going again.

Goodson says it will be difficult to harvest the pecans after they’ve fallen on the ground.

“Almost 150 trees that are down, plus,” said Goodson. “And how do we get these limbs out of the way, get the pecans off the ground for harvest.”

Goodson says he was supposed to harvest his pecans this week, but the storm came just in time to ruin his crop.

He says there’s only one harvest to make per year, and that he will have to wait for insurance to see how much he’s lost.

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