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Webinar - Drones: Technology enhancing agricultural insurance, Q&A

On June 9, 2020, AgroInsurance International and Skyglyph hosted a webinar “Drones: Technology enhancing agricultural insurance”. The webinar touched upon the use of remote sensing technologies with an accent on drones applied for crop insurance purposes. The webinar panelists were Ian V. Shynkarenko (CEO of Agroinsurance), Roman Shynkarenko (Technical Director, AgroInsurance), and Victor Yermak (CEO of Skyglyph).

The webinar covered major technology operational aspects of practical drone use for the needs of underwriting and loss adjustment in agricultural insurance. Topics covered the classification of drones and key challenges of the drone industry: regulatory issues, certification requirements, and operation specifics for various needs in crop insurance. Panelists highlighted the challenges experienced in practice by crop surveyors and loss adjustors, provided key recommendations on how to make the field survey more efficient.

More than 60 online participants representing insurers, reinsurers, consulting agencies, technology, and service providers from 25 countries joined the webinar and contributed to the discussion by asking specific technical questions adding more insights from the customers on technical aspects of drones’ use. Such questions and answers were collected and are presented in this document.

Webinar_Drones-Technology enhancing agricultural insurance_Q&A

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