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India - Farmers fume over crop loss due to water crunch

Farmers residing in the downstream area of Hanumatia minor irrigation project area of Keonjhar were upset as several hectares of farmland are left arid.

Water from the dam does not reach the downstream area. Rabi crops they raise require water, they complained.

Apart from Rabi crops, scores of farmers have raised sunflower, mustard, maize and groundnuts. However, they have said the canal in the tail-end area remained and their crops withered due to lack of water at this time of the year.

The crops are likely to be destroyed if the authorities do not ensure adequate water supply to the downstream area.

Their hard labour and input money in the crops will go down the drain, they added.

The farmers pointed out that the Irrigation department had organized a Pani Panchayat fortnight and farmers were encouraged to make use of pump sets to irrigate land. But nothing helped them virtually, they lamented.

A few farmers of Dimiria Jat and Halpodi have also drawn attention of the Minor Irrigation Department officials towards water shortage.

Local farmers alleged that the officials of the irrigation division are apathetic to the problem of the farmers deprived of water from the canal in the tail-end area.

“Our crops have been affected by poor rainfall. And the canal water does not reach the tail-end,” some of the farmers lamented.

At places, farmers are struggling to save paddy crop by using pump sets for irrigating their land.

Dileswar, a farmer of Halpodi was irritated as he said the dam was useless because their crops are wilting for want of water.

It was alleged that crops of about 3,000 farmers in the tail-end of the dam are severely affected due to shortage of water.

Sub-divisional officer of irrigation division, D Sudhakar, said water supply will be regulated in a phased manner.

Source — https://www.orissapost.com

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