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Ukraine - Warm winter to increase the harvest of winter wheat by 20-30% – Hydrometeorological Center

Climate changes in Ukraine, which came with abnormally warm winters, can positively affect the agricultural industry, because in such conditions even late planted winter crops continue its vegetation processes, declared the Director at the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, Mykola Kulbida.

According to him, every year the early autumn period in Ukraine demonstrates some deficit of moisture reserves. Thus, winter crops need rains, which come very late, and the optimum time for winter crops planting overpass, and they can fail to develop to the tillering phase, in order to successfully overwinter. However, due to such abnormally warm weather conditions, even late planted winter crops continued vegetating, and to date their condition is satisfactory and good in almost all regions of Ukraine, the expert explained.

He specified that agriculture already adapted to such weather conditions, because in recent years Ukraine mainly produced good harvests.

According to M.Kulbida, optimal placement of winter wheat areas in Ukraine, which needs some changes (in several regions, the planted areas will reduce, in others – increase), can give additional 20-30% growth of the production volumes, even in terms of unchanged cultivation technologies.

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